12 Tips for Great Twitter Marketing


12 Tips for Great Twitter Marketing - SocialCentivAlthough it may be limited to 140 characters per tweet, Twitter is a gold mine when it comes to real-time, one-on-one intent marketing and social listening opportunities; you just have to know how to use it correctly.

We reached out to a few of our dedicated Account Managers to get their take on what steps are necessary for being successful when using Twitter for marketing. Here’s what they had to say, broken down into 12 key Twitter tips (be sure to check out our other blog post for more Twitter marketing tips here):

  1. Post quality tweets that are relevant to your business’ account. That will help show your followers that you are an expert in your field.

  2. Engage with your followers. Tweet to those talking about relevant information. Pay close attention to any replies to your tweets. Respond in a timely manner.
  3. Listen to what competitors are saying and doing. You don’t have to copy them, but you should take note of what worked for them and what didn’t so that you don’t make the same mistakes.
  4. Make your tweet interesting so that people will want to retweet your post. Writing few successful tweets, and generating few retweets can build up your audience
  5. Have a Photo. The Egg is not your friend. Share your logo, pretty face, dog… something!
  6. Tweet a little, won't ya? It's not going to kill you to share some content with your followers. Refraining from sharing content, however, can negatively impact the public’s perception of your company’s account.
  7. You have friends, right? Get them to follow you. They’re more likely to retweet and share the content you generate rather than fake followers.
  8. Respond to @replies*. It's just rude not to. *42% of people that complain about your company online expect a response.
  9. Your personal beliefs are just that, personal. Keep that stuff to yourself.
  10. Go find influencers who are related to your industry and follow them. This way you might gain some of their followers who have common interest in your business. Ex: If you are a lawn care company, go follow Home Depot, Ty Pennington, etc.
  11. Make your daily tweets interesting and engaging. Leave them open to comments from others.
  12. Be as timely as you can with responding. Twitter is real time after all. Your clients or potential clients shouldn't be tweeted back a day later on a question or issue.

When it comes to marketing on Twitter, these tips should help any business achieve a successful start. When you’re ready to advance your Twitter marketing tactics, give SocialCentiv a try in order to better use Twitter as a marketing tool.

Know of any other must-have tips about marketing on Twitter? Tweet me at @dashofsarah and let me know!

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