12 Ways to Become the MacGyver of Twitter



MacGyver demonstrated smooth prowess at escaping from traps and beating up bad-guys. Since you’re likely not in constant danger, you can use MacGyver’s suave crime-fighting skills to market to your followers on Twitter. Here are 12 ways to become the MacGyver of Twitter:

1. Do More with Less

12 Ways to Become More Like MacGyver on Twitter 1

MacGyver can do a lot with a paperclip. You need to be able to do a lot with 140 characters. Make the most of what you’re given by being forward about what you want, using a positive voice, and using pinned Tweets.

2. Use snappy catchphrases

Our quirky protagonist always has the last word, and you should, too. Work your website keywords into your Tweets so people can find your Twitter account more easily.

3. Branch out

Just as MacGyver never relies on the same escape plan more than once, so should you employ many different types of Tweets. Yes, Tweet about your services, but also pique your followers’ interests by sharing related articles and blogs.

4. Leave Trails to Your Sites

MacGyver says, “The great thing about a map: it gets you in and out of places in a lot of different ways.” You should be giving your followers “maps” to your websites by linking to them on Twitter. Sharing these links makes it easier for your followers to purchase your product.

5. Spy on the Enemy

12 Ways to be More like MacGyver on Twitter 5

Follow your enemies closely … on Twitter. Your mission: Discover what your competitors are doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Apply this research to your own Twitter account. Use this knowledge to adjust your services as needed.

6. Ask your followers what they want

Instead of grabbing people and demanding, “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” like MacGyver would, you should probably just use Twitter for social listening. Monitor your followers’ questions or comments about your services. Use this information to better your business.

7. Entertain your Audience

Yes, since this is your business’s Twitter account, you should be professional, but—as MacGyver proves—it’s also OK to be funny on the job. In fact, it makes you seem more personable and more approachable. If your followers feel like they can connect to you, they are more likely to purchase your services.

8. Act at the Right Time

Like MacGyver, you should find the right times to act—or Tweet, in this case. Pay attention to the times your followers are tweeting and tweet during those times for increased engagement and click-through rates.

9. Use the Right Tools

Instead of paperclips and other odd bits, use third-party Twitter applications to enhance your Twitter marketing plan. TweetDeck can schedule your posts, so you’re not waiting for the right time to tweet.

10. Roll with the Punches

12 Ways to Be More Like MacGyver on Twitter 10

Now trends are created every day. You can’t always predict what will happen. Sometimes you have to be flexible. Look for new trends. Look at what your followers are doing, be attentive to fluctuations in interest, and change your marketing plan you’re your services) accordingly.

11. Make sure your followers know your name

Set up a unique hashtag. Ask your followers to tweet about your service, and then add your hashtag. Reward the followers who participate by retweeting them.

12. Enlist help

If you’re thinking that Twitter marketing sounds like a lot crime-fighting, you’re right. SocialCentiv is an intent-based marketing solution for small to medium-sized businesses that allows these businesses to “listen” to online conversations and then respond to them with an incentive. This innovative marketing tool puts the power of social media marketing right in the hands of SMB owners.