3 Awesome Social Media Marketing Solutions


3 Awesome Social Media Marketing Solutions - SocialCentivWhen it comes to small business marketing, it can be overwhelming to find new, out-of-the-box ways to outreach to consumers, aside from having the necessary content strategy and email newsletters. Brand marketing is constantly evolving with the introduction of new tools and platforms, so a business’ strategic marketing must evolve with it.

As a small business, it can be hard to find affordable marketing tactics when trying to go above and beyond for their consumers online. However, there are a few affordable marketing solutions that don’t take too much of one’s time, budget, or effort.

Social Listening

Social listening is a great strategy for marketing, where a business can actively listen to and engage with those who are talking either about their business or topics relevant to their products or services. This can become difficult for businesses who don’t have the time to sift through all the noise in order to find potential consumers on social media platforms. Because of this, SocialCentiv makes it easy to find and engage with potential consumers on Twitter through geo-targeted locations and both positive and negative keywords.

SocialCentiv provides an opportunity for businesses who garner real-time responses to though who are talking about their brand or have a want or need related to their business. Take some of our tweets for example. We listened for those talking about Twitter marketing and social listening on Twitter and responded back to them with information about our software:

SocialCentiv Tweet Example

SocialCentiv Tweet Example

SocialCentiv Tweet Example

Photo Contests

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words rings true in this case. Instead of spending countless hours on a content strategy, let the consumers create the content for you! Several alcoholic beverage companies have adapted this concept, including Harpoon Brewery and Ska Brewing.

Ska Brewery Photo Contest

Photo via Ska Brewing's Instagram

Harpoon Brewery Photo Contest

Photo via Harpoon Brewery's Instagram

Social Fundraising

Perhaps you have a different purpose to your brand’s social media efforts rather than letting a consumer win some free product or cash prize; perhaps your company is looking to raise donations or awareness. Using specific hashtags and the same picture-sharing method as a photo contest can accomplish this easily, as Dog for Dog Paws for Cause and The Elephant Pants Trunks Up Days show with their philanthropic digital outreach efforts.

The Elephant Pants Trunks Up Day Instagram

Photo via The Elephant Pants Instagram

Dog for Dog Paws for Cause Instagram

Photo via Dog for Dog Instagram

Looking to change up your marketing tactics and gain awareness and outreach on social media? The first step is to understand what your end goal is and why your current marketing tactics aren't working. However, what you should always be doing no matter how successful your brand strategy is, is to take note of what some of your favorite brands or competitors are doing on social media; what worked for them? What didn’t? Following these trends can help a business when creating their own brand strategy online.


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