5 Myths About Social Media Marketing


5 myths about social media marketing socialcentiv

Many of the things we believe to be true about social media marketing actually are very far from the truth. It’s about time we set the record straight and squash all of these silly myths. Here are 9 myths about social media marketing and why they aren’t true:

  1. You should ignore negative comments

Ignoring negative comments from unhappy customers gives the impression that you don’t care about their satisfaction. Reply to these comments and do whatever you can to make the situation better and make your customer happy, otherwise you may not keep their business. Even worse, other viewers may see the comment and assume that you are not attentive to your unhappy customers.

  1. You don’t need social media marketing because your customers aren’t on social media

72% of American adults who are online are on social networking sites. Despite what you may have thought, your customers more than likely are on social media sites, so you should be utilizing social media marketing.

  1. You can never post too little or too much content

Yes, you can. Too little or too much content on your business’s social media sites can kill your following and traffic on the sites. If you post too much, your audience will become annoyed and are less likely to continue following you, and if you post too little, your audience will get no additional value from following you. Be smart about what you post and how much you post.

  1. Your content marketing has to be about your services and products

This is not true at all. Many successful companies post content about current events, topics that are similar to their company, or even fun posts about what’s happening in their office. Be sure to keep your audience’s wants and needs in mind as you are posting and think of what they would be interested in seeing beyond information strictly about your company.

  1. Social media marketing will kill email

This can never be true, because you need an email account to even sign up for a social media site. Social media sites and email are complementary – not in competition.

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