7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Strategy Isn't Working


7 Reasons Why Your Facebook Never Works Out the Way You Wish

Author: Amanda Woodard, a Summer 2014 intern at SocialCentiv

You have a small business, and you’ve realized that starting a Facebook “like” page is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers in hopes of increasing your sales. Despite your best efforts, your Facebook page is flopping and your sales aren’t improving. Here are seven reasons why your Facebook marketing strategy never works out the way you wish:

1. You are posting inconsistently

You might be sabotaging your business’s Facebook by applying the same relaxed attitude toward it as you do your personal account. In order to grow your audience, you should be posting on your business’s Facebook on a regular basis. Your audience needs to see consistency in your social media presence in order for you to benefit from your Facebook endeavors.

2. Your brand has no personality

Okay, you’re posting regularly, but are your posts interesting and engaging? Rigid, unsmiling professionalism doesn’t always work with customers in person, and it certainly won’t work on Facebook either. You have to show your customers that there is a human behind the brand.

3. You’re not editing your posts

A few typos here and there aren’t that big of a deal—especially with the new ability to edit your status updates after they’ve been posted. However, constant typos can make you seem unprofessional. Try having a colleague review a possible status update before you click “Post.”

4. You’re not sharing interesting, relevant content

Posting about your services is a vital way to increase your click-through rate, but if you’re not sharing entertaining content that is related to those services, your followers are going to lose interest. Keep up with trends and incorporate them into your posts.

5. You’re not using keywords in your posts

The same keywords that you’re using on your website should be used in your Facebook posts. It’s really important that the people who are searching your keywords find your Facebook page: Your Facebook followers are more likely to purchase your services due to the connection they feel to your brand.

6. You think correlation equals causation

You shared something and it was a big hit—bunches of your followers liked it and maybe even commented on it! That’s great! But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your followers only want to see that kind of content. Make notes about what types of content you post and what your audience’s reactions were before you revise your social media marketing strategy.

7. You’re not (social) listening

Facebook is a great way to “listen” to what your followers are saying about your services. Are they complaining? Is there something they would like to have changed? What do they like about your services? If you’re not using Facebook to find out, you are wasting your potential to succeed on social media.

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