Brand Monitoring Tips on Twitter


Brand Monitoring Tips on Twitter - SocialCentivIf your business is active on social media, it’s likely that Twitter is one of the leading referrers of traffic to your website under social media referrals, followed by Facebook. Because of this, it’s important to keep up to speed with what’s being said about your company by others online through social media analysis. There are three main categories to consider when it comes to brand monitoring on Twitter: Brand mentions, brand referrals, and industry mentions.

Brand Mentions

From at-mentions to simply typing the company’s name, it’s possible that your brand is being mentioned on Twitter more than you know. It’s possible to track Twitter for mentions of your company through social listening tactics. SocialCentiv makes this easy with the target keywords feature. The best part? Once you pull these tweets into your tweet stream on SocialCentiv, you can easily respond to them with a special offer in a timely manner. Responding to those who are talking about your brand in real-time is important to keep up with the speed of conversation on Twitter and show that you’re interested in customer engagement and what they have to say. It also helps to better respond and react in a timely manner if a customer has an issue with or a complaint about your company.

Brand Referrals

So what about those who are linking to your website? Perhaps they’re sharing a blog post from your company’s website that they find interesting and relevant, but they’re not necessarily mentioning your company’s name in their tweet. Have no fear! You can still monitor brand referrals like these with certain Twitter tools, like BackTweets. For example, we looked up just how many archived tweets BackTweets found for, and were instantly shown the 1000+ tweets along with their dates.

Industry Mentions

Brand monitoring doesn’t stop at what people are saying directly about your brand on Twitter. Focusing on a social search of industry-related conversations is important for keeping engaged in relevant conversations and finding new ways to connect with potential consumers on the social media platform. SocialCentiv again makes this easy to do with the targeted keywords feature. For example, if you were a marketing agency looking to monitor industry-related conversations, you may focus on keywords like “social media marketing” “digital media”, and so on. What’s more is that SocialCentiv even allows you to narrow down the audience to those who are within a certain radius of your business, allowing you to focus on potential consumers in your specific area.

How else do you monitor your brand online? What are some monitoring tools that you are fond of? Tweet me @dashofsarah and let me know!

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