Feature Release: Conversion Tracking Pixel


Feature Release_ Conversion Tracking Pixel If you’re using SocialCentiv to share a link to another website, you can now track conversions using our new Conversion Tracker pixel. This pixel allows SocialCentiv to track and provide useful insights as to what happens after someone clicks on your campaign link that’s included in your Tweets.

What’s a Conversion?

Typically, a conversion occurs when a new customer performs some type of action after they arrive at the click-through page of a website. This may entail completing a purchase, signing up to attend a webinar, or entering a sweepstakes or giveaway.

When a new customer completes the steps that designate a conversion, the Conversion Tracker sends information back to SocialCentiv. You can view this information in the Reports section of your account.

The Conversion Tracker will provide the following information:

  • The potential customer’s Twitter handle
  • The text of the initial Tweet (that you replied to)
  • Your reply (that was sent to the potential customer)
  • The campaign you shared with the potential customer
  • The date and time of the conversion

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Designate the page that signals a conversion for your campaign.
  2. Embed the following code on the identified page: <img src="https://tracking.centiv.me">

The Conversion Tracker is a simple image tag that must be embedded into a client’s conversion page. Because there is no JavaScript required, clients can place the image tag on their page without fear that a rogue JavaScript might do damage or expose confidential information.

If you have any questions, feel free to Tweet us @SocialCentiv, email our Support team at support@socialcentiv.com, or give us a ring at 214-254-4729.