Doing Social Listening the Right Way


Doing Social Listening the Right Way-SocialCentiv

Social listening is great and innovative way to increase your brand awareness and find potential new customers via social media. However, just because you are utilizing social listening doesn’t mean that you are getting the most out of it. In the dark about how to make social listening work for you? Maybe you’re confused about what social listening is in the first place. Luckily, we’re here for you. Let’s review what social listening is and how to do it and do it well.

What is social listening?

Social listening is the act of monitoring social media platforms, usually by searching key terms and phrases within the platform, with the goal of learning what your target market is saying. A big goal of social listening is to gain insight on your target market, your own company and competitors. We also firmly believe that another big goal of social listening should be to take action based upon what you find.

How to do it right

Here at SocialCentiv, we like to believe that we know a thing or two about social listening. Here are our tips on how to do it right:

  • It’s all about the key phrases. Some key phrases to search for, such as your company name and your competitors’ names, are obvious choices. However, a great way to take action upon social listening is to reach out to those you find through social listening that may not already know about you. That’s not going to happen if you’re searching your company name, right? We recommend searching phrases that have to do with the product/service that you offer. For instance, if you’re a hair salon, you could search for the phrase “need a haircut.” It’s important to note that these phrases will be different than the key phrases that you would enter into Google Ad Words or a similar service. Since you are searching social, you will need to search phrases that would naturally come up in a post, Tweet, etc. Get creative! Try to think what your ideal customer might be saying online that would make your product/service a relevant fit.
  • Engage. Now that you are able to find all these people that are talking about things that have to do with your business, you definitely don’t want to just leave it at that! Sure, there are some posts that you will find that may not be great to engage with but are great for learning purposes, but in most cases further action can be taken. Find someone complaining about a competitor? Reach out to them, apologize for their bad experience and suggest that your company might be a better fit next time. Find someone that needed that haircut? Tell them you can do the job! Even better- share a special that you may be running on haircuts that month. The idea here is to present these social users with information that is relevant to what they are talking about. It’s meeting their needs when they need them. Finally, it’s creating one-on-one communication with someone that is relevant to your business.
  • Listen and engage routinely. You don’t want to be that one business who is super active on their social media one day and ghosts out the next. Social media posts never stop coming in, so just because you did some great social listening one day doesn’t mean you’re all set. There are always new people out there talking about exactly what you want to know. Don’t miss out on this. Be present. Set aside several times during the week for your social listening process.

Now that you’ve got some of the fundamentals of social listening down, we trust you to go forth and conquer! Want to learn more about a cost and time efficient option for Twitter social listening? Visit to learn more or Tweet us: @SocialCentiv!

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Allie Lewis.