Five Myths About Using Social Media for Your Business


05-five-myths-about-using-social-media-for-your-businessMany old school forms of advertisement are no longer effective in today’s online generation. Where information can now be accessed and shared in the span of seconds, new forms of marketing and consumer engagement are beginning to develop. In particular, the past half-decade has experienced an emergence of social media campaigns taking over many companies’ online marketing platforms.

And the companies that are socially engaged are seeing the benefits of doing so. But with anything new, there are a few misconceptions that have kept away other companies from investing in social media. To help settle the confusion circulating around the social media sphere, here’s a list of five misconceptions that we plan to debunk for any apprehensive non-media-goers.

Myth # 1: Social media won’t work because some customers are too old.
This is simply not true. The fact is that upward of 52% of users 50 years and older use social networking tools. There’s a huge market potential for older clients. And these older clients are more then prepared to socially connect with your business.

Myth # 2: If it doesn’t go viral, then it won’t be a successful campaign.
Yes, there are a handful of social media campaigns that go viral. But the reality is that most online campaigns don’t, and they’re still considered successful. Social media isn’t necessarily about getting a one-time hit; instead, it’s about producing content and adding value over time. If your company publishes quality content, then social media can help to naturally build an audience that shares your company’s brand name and content over time.

Myth # 3: Social media is dangerous and gives people a venue to insult the company.
Your company might have to deal with more clean up than they would otherwise, but refraining from social media doesn’t protect your company from facing harsh backlash. Whether we like it or not, the Internet is already an available venue for customers to write not so nice things about your company. By utilizing social media, you can resolve the negative opinions of unhappy customers by writing an informative blog post explaining any blunders.

Myth # 4: Social media doesn’t help to drive bottom-line results.
Once again, not true. In fact, social media has been found to help add value beyond just engagement and brand equity. It can also help to nurture leads and find customers. For example:

  • 45% of marketers consider social media to have a below average cost-per-lead when compared to other marketing channels.
  • Upward of 52% of companies using Facebook or LinkedIn for marketing have acquired a customer from it.

Myth # 5: Nobody wants to read what a company writes about.
If your company produces good content that’s informative, interesting, and relevant to it’s target audience, then people will likely read it. People are more receptive to content that is not sales gimmicky. First, determine what your customers want to read about and then your company can begin to produce a steady stream of engaging content.

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.