Five Ways to Avoid Social Media from Ruining Your Brand




Social media marketing can strengthen your brand and enhance awareness about your company across the technological globe, but there are ways that social media can ruin your brand as well. Below we have listed five ways to avoid social media from ruining your brand.

  1. Don’t join too many social media sites

Don’t spread your company too thin by joining every social media site. Every time a new social media site develops, don’t abandon your followers on your existing sites to focus on the new one. If you are on three or more social media sites, connect them together to maintain a stable flow of posts for your customers. Your followers signed up to hear from you, so don’t leave them hanging.

  1. Communicate with your followers on more than just social media

Use social media to market your company and product, but don’t rely on social media as your only form of communication. Since your company doesn’t own the social media platform, you can’t always count on it being a reliable medium to reach customers, so be sure to use email, phone calls, and in person communication as well.

  1. Use photos with your company’s brand

Using photos with your company’s brand and website linked will make sure that wherever the photos on your social media site end up on the web, they will always direct people to your company’s website. Without your brand on the photo or your website linked, the photo is doing virtually nothing for your brand.

  1. Don’t make social media sites your company’s home site

Doing away with your company’s website and solely using social media sites for your brand can hinder your company in many ways. Social media platforms aren’t meant to be a substitute for a website. Social media sites own all of the rights to your page and can change engagement without your consent. With a website, however, you have complete control of the content. Social media is an extension of your company’s home site, so be sure to direct your posts on social media back to your company’s website.

  1. Avoid mixing your company’s messages

Be sure to post topics related to your business. Don’t mix in random, unrelated messages or posts. This will confuse your followers and weaken your brand. They expect you to post topics that are interesting and intriguing. A great place to start is talking about current events, employees, new things happening in the office, or anything else relating to your business.

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