Four Tips to Keep Your Followers Engaged on Social Media



Source: Massage Magazine

Social media is all about interaction and conversation with your audience. Keeping people engaged and interested in what your business has to say is important in gaining a strong following on social media sites and in keeping existing followers. Here are four tips to keep your followers from hitting the snooze button on your social media sites:

Make your content interesting

Be creative and unique when choosing topics to write about for your sites. Stray away from writing about topics that are cliché or overdone. Create content that is eye catching and new to your followers to make your site stand out from the competition. Bring something new to the table that will keep your followers hungry for more.

Post content consistently

Followers appreciate seeing a consistent stream of content being posted. Have at least one post scheduled for each business day to keep followers in the loop with your business’s happenings. Make sure to post your content at times when it will get the most interaction, such as in the evening after people are off work. Some sites will schedule your blogs to post, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to post them each day.

Add images, videos, and links to your posts

Plain text will only go so far in the world of social media. Followers want to see visuals along with you what you have to say. Posts are more interesting and more likely to be seen when they include visuals. Don’t let your content be lost in social media site feeds – make them pop with visuals!

Interact with your followers

What’s an easier way to engage your followers than by interacting with them? Tweet at them, mention them on Facebook, follow them back—just be sure to take the time to appreciate them reaching out to you. Followers feel connected to your business on a more personal level when you interact with them.

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