Gnip Provides SocialCentiv with Social Data


Gnip Provides SocialCentiv with Social Data

We’re excited to announce Gnip, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of social data, is now providing SocialCentiv with social data. (Side note: You can learn more about Gnip by watching the video at the end of this post!)

As a Gnip customer, SocialCentiv will be able to provide complete access to historical and real-time Tweets. Here’s a look at some of the benefits that come from this new relationship.

Tweet Filtering

With more than 500 million Tweets sent each day, the thought of sifting through to find the best tweets for your business is overwhelming. With Gnip, we’re able to provide the most relevant Tweets for your business.

Klout Scores and Categories

SocialCentiv has already implemented Influencer scores via Klout that are displayed for potential customers within the Tweet stream. Additionally, the top two categories for a potential customer will appear when hovering a Klout score. It’s important to note that the categories will only appear for users who 1. have a registered Klout account that’s connected their Twitter account, and 2. selected the categories they are experts about.


Gnip reverse geocodes text data that people have entered into their twitter profile so that we are able to fetch tweets based on latitude, longitude, and radius. This is similar to our Inuit feature, which returns alternate names for cities, states, and countries (collectively referred to as descriptors). Descriptors can include common misspellings like “Dalas”, abbreviations such as “DAL”, or nicknames such as “Big D”. This is significant because a business with a target location of “Dallas” would miss out on several possible variations of that name, like “D-Town” and “Big D”.

SocialCentiv is always looking for ways we can help find new customers for your business. To learn more about this relationship, feel free to shoot us an email at, Tweet us at @SocialCentiv, or give us a ring at 214-254-4729.