SocialCentiv Happenings: New Year's Resolutions



It’s a new year, so it’s time for some resolutions. We figured we’d share a few of our resolutions. Our team has some pretty interesting personal goals for 2014. Check 'em out!

Bailey, one of our Content Producers, is taking a French class with her mom to help her reach her goal of learning a new language. She also hopes to work toward winning her volleyball league this year.

Clara, our Account Manager, has started training for her half marathon. She’s hoping to run her first one by the end of May. She’s no stranger to a running a 5k though. She's done it before and we're positive she will do it again. We’re excited to cheer her on!

Zach, one of our Front-End Developers, is working toward practicing more archery. He’s already joined the Texans Archery Club and practiced his skills at the range. So far his shot is looking pretty good and we’re sure it’ll only improve throughout the year.


Andrew, another one of our Front-End Developers, is cutting out soda from his diet this year… but don’t worry, he’ll still get his caffeine from his beloved coffee. ;)

Lindsey, our CPO and co-founder, is excited to learn how to salsa dance this year. She’s already started taking dancing classes and we’re sure she’ll be dancing around the office in no time.

If you’re looking for a system to help you set your goals, Macy, our VP of Sales, wrote a great blog about her Annual Goal-Setting process.

Do you have any resolutions for this year? We’d love to hear about them! Visit us on Facebook and let us know what you plan to do in the new year!