How Social Experts Utilize Twitter


How Social Experts Utilize TwitterWhether you’re a business or an individual using twitter for social media agency purposes, you’re likely using the social platform for one of three things: to drive traffic, to drive brand awareness, or to drive sales. When it comes to individuals using twitter for their agency business, we refer to them as a brand advocate, or a social referral advocate. For instance, a marketing professional at an agency business that is sharing information relevant to their business can be seen as a social expert with quite a bit of social clout.

Because of this, it’s important that these social experts know how to utilize Twitter to its full potential; this goes beyond sending a tweet now and then and hoping for the best. There should be a clear strategy in order to achieve social media optimization on Twitter. The following areas can help in the social networking process for any business professional on the social media platform.

Be Active

Being active on Twitter goes beyond tweeting out once in a while. In order to be seen as a marketing professional on Twitter you should be looking at the best times to tweet, tweeting relevant information to your field often on your social feed, and engaging with other like-minded individuals through retweets, favorites, and at-replies. There are several Twitter tools that can help you get more active in your online presence on the real-time, 140-character platform.

Get Involved

Ever wonder how a hashtag started? It was actually started against the Twitter Founder’s wishes as an experiment to categorize tweets much like Flickr tags. However, the now popular categorization of tweets can be used to become even more involved in Twitter’s marketing platform for social networking purposes. You can use Twitter tools to find the hashtags most-relevant to your industry, then use them in tweets to generate traffic of those talking about and searching for tweets regarding that topic in real-time.

Another way to use hashtags to get more involved on Twitter is to join a Twitter chat. Check out ChatSalad to find a Twitter chat hashtag relevant to your business, and join the conversation! This is a great way to network and reach like-minded Twitter users talking about topics pertaining to your company.

Listen, Listen, Listen!

Social experts know that social networking is not all about talking about ‘me, me, me’ but rather listening to others and what they have to say. In fact, social listening is one of the biggest reasons SocialCentiv is such a hit among various businesses, as it allows them to better listen and hear what users are saying online, then respond with a special offer that serves as a solution or benefit to what they’re talking about. Try it yourself and see how social listening impacts your business efforts with a 7-day free trial!

Active listening on social networks shows that a brand is paying attention and going above and beyond to meet their consumers needs through real-time, conversational customer service.


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