How SocialCentiv Can Work for Agencies


How SocialCentiv can Work for Agencies - SocialCentivThere are hundreds of tips out there when it comes to incorporating social media for agency business marketing. From how to grow followers to what types of brand content you should be publishing, there are how-to's for many methods of digital marketing.

Whether you’re an agency yourself that’s looking to amplify your social media marketing, or a business owner that’s turning to a social media agency for small business efforts, there are a few common questions that will come up when picking out marketing strategies. The biggest tend to be how does this work and why does it work?

Answering these questions is easy when it comes to the effectiveness of applying SocialCentiv to an agency’s digital marketing strategy.

How Does it Work?

SocialCentiv uses geo-targeting and target keywords to find relevant conversations on Twitter for a business to respond to in a timely manner with a special offer. This allows for a company to use Twitter as a socially-engaging, real-time platform while sharing offers to potential consumers to generate business at the same time.

Agencies who are looking to grow their clients’ activity and following on Twitter, as well as lead more traffic to their clients’ website from social media platforms can benefit from this handy marketing tool; and that’s exactly what one agency, SYN3RGY Creative Group, realized for their social media efforts with Party Galaxy.

“Having a social media presence is just that, a presence,” says Steven Newlon, CEO and founder of SYN3RGY Creative Group. “Unless you know how to get the behaviors you want – new leads and customers in this case – your social media efforts will have limited value. The coupon incentive we ran for Party Galaxy on Twitter using SocialCentiv attracted the attention of a lot of potential new customers to and brought more people into the store. SocialCentiv is a key part of our Twitter-based marketing efforts for the company.”

SYN3RGY Creative Group went with a special offer coupon while using SocialCentiv to give Twitter users a 20% off coupon when talking about things such as ‘birthday party’ or ‘need party inspiration’. By doing this, the agency was able to increase Party Galaxy’s traffic from social media by 1,520% over 30 days, and tripled their number of Twitter followers over the course of several months.

Why Does it Work?

SocialCentiv focuses on an important aspect that other digital advertising methods can often fail to touch on: social listening. Because you can set up specific keywords and respond to each tweet individually, agencies are able to provide a unique, genuine response to each potential consumer based on what they are saying and wanting at that present moment.

“We’ve seen how easy it is to help clients take advantage of SocialCentiv’s powerful mix of social listening and instant interaction to increase brand awareness and sales leads,” says Newlon. “They are a strong partner with a great solution that we’ll continue to use to help grow our clients’ businesses.”

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