How to Avoid Being Muted by Followers on Twitter



Source: Online Trendovi

Twitter recently introduced a new feature that lets users “mute” other users on their timeline so that they no longer see their tweets or retweets. This feature can destroy businesses’ social media marketing success, because muting makes it seem as though they are reaching a wider audience than they actually are. Prevent followers from muting your business on Twitter using these tips:

Don’t Tweet too frequently

Followers will be more likely to mute you if you are clogging their Twitter log with continuous Tweets. One or two Tweets per day will let your followers appreciate what you have to say without feeling overwhelmed.

Focus on creating quality content

Now that your followers have the power to mute you, it’s imperative that you provide quality content. If your followers aren’t finding your tweets interesting or engaging, you’ll lose their following and potential sales. Put time into creating content that will be noticed by your followers and you’ll avoid being muted.

Use promoted tweets

Promoted Tweets are effective in reaching your followers and marketing your product, which is why many businesses pay to have their tweets promoted. Promoted Tweets also cannot be muted, so you don’t run the risk of being silenced by your audience.

Minimize live Tweeting

If your followers aren’t participating in the event that you are live Tweeting, you run the risk of being muted. Instead of live Tweeting every detail of the event, choose important details that all of your followers can appreciate.

Be cautious with direct messaging

Direct messaging is not the way to go to avoid being muted. Direct messaging often annoys followers and ends up getting you blocked, which is much worse than being muted. Don’t lose potential customers by direct messaging them too often or for unimportant reasons.

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