How to Be Personable Without Being Unprofessional on Twitter



Source: Elliot Trotter

When it comes to social media, many businesses struggle with trying to find the balance between being personable and professional. A company’s presence on Twitter should be both. Customers want to see a company do more than just market their product, so showing your brand’s personality is a good route to consider. By taking these three tips into consideration, your company will soar through social media with personality and professionalism.

Use a light tone

Keep the tone of your Tweets light and fun. Add emojis or funny pictures to your tweets every now and then to show your followers the fun side of your business. But always be mindful of the photos you’re posting and make sure they’re relevant to your tweet, while also being fun and professional. You can still be professional and personable when marketing your product on Twitter as long as you keep your tone light-hearted. Customers are more likely to respond to a Tweet if the tone is light and approachable.

Respond to Tweets and mentions

Responding to your followers’ Tweets is a great way to show your company’s personality. Include your follower’s name in the response when possible and make it unique to them. Individually responding to tweets will make customers feel happy and appreciated. Be professional by responding in a timely manner with appropriate responses.

Tweet about current events

Get the buzz going on your company’s Twitter by Tweeting about current events and interacting with your customers. Be professional by choosing to Tweet about events that are relevant to your product or current trends, and be personable by adding pictures, gifs, or emojis to the tweet. When customers see your company Tweeting about things they’re interested in, they’ll want to join in on the conversation and interact with your company.

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