How to Use Twitter as a Marketing Tool


How to Use Twitter as a Marketing ToolIt’s exciting to see firsthand how social media can help a business gain awareness and expand their business. But it can be frustrating to know where to start. When it comes to Twitter, it is possible to use this social media platform as a marketing tool, and SocialCentiv can help.

When it comes to learning how to use Twitter as a marketing tool, a business must first decide what their end goal is: are they looking to bring more consumers into their store? Are they trying to get the word out about a new product? Or maybe they’re just trying to gain more following and engagement online, and make the right audience aware of their services.

Whatever your end goal is as a business looking to use Twitter for marketing purposes, SocialCentiv is an exceptional tool for helping you get there. Through keywords, geo-targeted locations, and a customized landing page and follow-up email, SocialCentiv provides an easy-to-use service for those looking to find the right people online.

The Right Keywords

Let’s say your company fixes computers, and you’re trying to get the word out about your services. In SocialCentiv, you can add keywords like “my computer broke,” “I need a computer,” “broken computer,” “laptop crashed,” and so on. Think conversational; how would someone talk about their computer being broken to you over lunch? Choosing conversational keywords on SocialCentiv will pull in only the tweets that include these specific phrases.

Geo-targeted Locations

Geo-targeting brings makes marketing on Twitter even better by allowing businesses to focus only on the potential consumers who are talking about conversations related to their business within a specific radius. SocialCentiv allows you to pick a certain location and a specific radius to pull tweets in. Why is this? If you’re a pizza shop looking to respond to tweets with a special offer on Twitter, it’s unlikely that you’d be wanting to respond to those 50 miles away from your business location.

Creating a Special Offer

Lastly, what happens once you have found the right Twitter conversation in the correct location? SocialCentiv’s software allows you to create a custom landing page and follow-up email with a special offer--whether that be a 20% off deal, BOGO discount, or an informative eBook for viewing. Once you have found the right person looking for services/products related to your business, you can easily respond with a special offer that will help get the user to engage with your company further.

In conclusion, it’s absolutely possible to utilize Twitter as a marketing tool, as long as you have the end goal and tactics to do so. SocialCentiv makes this entire process for Twitter marketing seamless and easy to achieve. But don’t just take our word for it; give it a try yourself! Try our product FREE for seven days HERE.