Three Must-Haves for Intent-Based Marketing


Three Must-Haves for Intent-Based Marketing

How often do you come across a Tweet or status update from someone declaring how hungry they are or how they want to go shopping?

When a consumer expresses their intent to purchase something related to a business’ offerings, businesses and marketers alike can use intent-based marketing to reply to the initial Tweet or status update and initiate a one-on-one interaction. But just because a brand replies to a Tweet, does not mean the consumer will convert into a new customer. To produce best results, there are three must-haves.

1. It must be specific

When it comes to fulfilling a consumer's intent, there’s a fine line between a marketing message that’s relevant and that’s too pushy.

2. It must be customer-driven

A business should first remove themselves from the equation and put emphasis on the consumer and their expressed intent. This allows a call to action that fits the potential customer’s wants and needs.

3. It must be immediate

Twitter is a great tool for real-time social listening. Businesses can actively participate and listen for opportunities to provide instant satisfaction for consumers. This is also an excellent way to build personal relationships with your customers.

When all three of these requirements are met, the true power of intent-based marketing is displayed. It's what marketing dreams are made of: being there for the consumer with the right product, in the right place, and at the right time.

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