Keeping Ahead of the Competition: How to Find Success with Social Media


Guest post by Adam Grosbard, SocialCentiv Intern

Keeping Ahead of the Competition: How to Find Success with Social Media

Learning how to use social media can be tricky for restaurant owners who are interested in leveraging the platform, yet aren’t sure about the best practices.  While the learning curve can be steep, restaurant owners find it difficult to navigate the intricacies of social media on their own, in addition to all of their other obligations that come with operating a restaurant.  Luckily, SocialCentiv is a great resource to use to find new customers for your restaurant using social media.

Share special offers with followers

Letting followers know about daily specials and discounts is a must.  The main reason many people follow restaurants on social media sites is to receive information about special offers and promotions. But, what are the best ways to share special offers and promotions with your followers?

Take notice of local events

If you are aware of a local street fair going on in your community, engage in the conversation on social media, and be sure to remind others to visit your restaurant afterwards.  Being active in your community using social media helps you become aware of what is going on in the surrounding community, while also bringing in additional business.

Interact with followers

The key part of the term “social media” is the “social” aspect.  Restaurants should engage in meaningful conversations with their followers to build a sense of community.

Post interesting pictures

Whether a restaurant posts photos of their cuisine, customers, restaurant, or a variety of other things, posting pictures on social media is a great way to start conversations.  The human mind responds strongly to visual stimuli so posting pictures is an excellent way to showcase your menu items and get people’s mouths watering.

Communication is a two-way street

There’s not much more than asking for feedback to give customers a true sense of value and appreciation. Whether it is about your menu items or new happy hour specials, asking for customer feedback is much appreciated. And fortunately for you, using social media to ask customers for their feedback is easier than ever!

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