Klout Scores - Turn Influencers Into Customers with SocialCentiv


SocialCentiv and Klout When it comes to engaging with potential customers via social listening, it’s useful to know how influential someone is on social media. SocialCentiv now features the Influencer Score for Twitter users in the Tweet Stream.

The Influencer Score provides a standardized, if imperfect, metric for measuring someone’s social influence. The President has a Klout score of 99 (100 is highest) while Justin Bieber has a Klout score of 92. Draw your own conclusions.

On the Tweets page, you’ll notice a number in an orange Klout icon, which indicates a Twitter user’s Influence Score. These scores are provided via Klout.

SocialCentiv and influencer scores

Additionally, if a Twitter user has created an account with Klout, they can identify the topics they are experts about or interested in. The top two topics will appear when you hover your mouse over the Influencer score–such as “The Walking Dead” and “Guitars” in the example below.


What is Klout?

Klout is a website and mobile app that uses social media analytics to rank its users according to online social influence via the "Klout Score", which is a numerical value between 1 and 100 (Wikipedia).

The accuracy of a Twitter user’s Klout score is a matter of controversy. It’s perhaps best to treat it as relative — someone with a higher Klout score does have more influence than someone with a lower Klout score but to be more precise than that is problematic.

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