Know Your Voice: How Should You Speak with Your Audience?


Know Your Voice-SocialCentiv

The voice and tone your brand uses online is one of the most important factors in determining what audience you will attract and how your consumers will respond. Without understanding what voice your company should convey, how will you target the right people?

Learning who your company’s persona is and what your brand is wanting to convey is key to discovering how to talk with the masses. This will also make it easier to develop human, one-of-a-kind responses on SocialCentiv, rather than sounding like a spam bot.

Types of Voices

From edgy to conservative, quirky to casual, there are several styles that one can choose for their brand’s voice. The decision shouldn’t be made quickly. Synergy is crucial for your company’s voice; if you’re casual and sassy on one social media platform, you should be the same way on another. Not keeping your brand’s voice consistent across all social media platforms can create confusion.

Several factors can help you make the decision on what voice your brand should convey, such as what product or service you’re providing and what is the age range of your target audience.

For example, Pluckers is well-known for their sassy, playful banter on social media, namely Twitter. Take a scroll through the company’s Twitter page and at-replies, and you’ll see their account using words like “ain’t”, “delicioso”, and using a very casual approach. This works perfectly for their target audience.

Know the Difference

I recently had a client ask for me to be quirky when replying to tweets in SocialCentiv’s software. While I’m not one to deny a client their needs, I needed to be sure what exactly they meant by “quirky.” Are we talking Jimmy Kimmel quirky or Tosh.O quirky? There’s a big difference.

Be careful when choosing your voice; know when enough is enough. There is a difference between being edgy and being offensive. Take Reebok’s failed campaign back in 2012, for example. The athletic-shoes company decided to launch a campaign with the slogan “Cheat on your girlfriend, not your workout.” Yikes. I don’t think I have to tell you why this particular idea was yanked quickly from the public. Point being: there’s a very fine line between being clever and being insensitive.

Embrace whatever voice you choose and own it. If you decide to be playful, don’t shy away from it. If your voice is more conservative, don’t break character to respond cleverly to a potential consumer. Stick with your company’s persona and build a presence that consumers can expect and trust.

So what about you? What is your brand’s voice? Tweet us @SocialCentiv and let us know!