Launch Your Biz with Twitter Promotional Strategies and Tactics


Launch Your Biz with Twitter Promotional Strategies and Tactics

Trying to find new customers for your small business? Put down the magnifying glass and review the strategies and tactics below.

1. Strategy: Generate new customers

Trying to find new customers for your small business can seem like a task for only the professionals. However, with the convenience and simplicity of social media sites at your fingertips, small business owners can take ownership of their Twitter marketing campaigns.

Tactic: Offer something that’s valuable for your new customers

Businesses should form a marketing strategy that will attract potential customers with something they can’t find elsewhere, such as 50% off their next in-store purchase. As one of the must-haves for a successful Twitter marketing campaign, a high-promotional value must be set into place if a business wants to yield any leads. Create a special offer campaign with SocialCentiv, a Twitter marketing software, and let us show you how easy it is to target the right customers in the right location at the right times.

[Tweet "#DYK: Approximately 94% of people who follow brands do so for “discounts and promos""]

2. Strategy: Foster online relationships

Like creating relationships with your friends, it's important to create relationships with your customers, too. Go beyond the simple "Follow and retweet" approach and reach out to your followers. Be sincere and professional, as your social media profile can be a true representation of your business.

Tactic: Engage with your followers in real-time

Unlike traditional marketing tactics, interactive marketing allows businesses to communicate with their online communities in real-time. Make it a habit to check your social networks for notifications throughout the day. Be sure to answer questions, resolve issues, and share your own updates about your business as soon as possible.

3. Strategy: Monitor your reputation

Keeping a positive reputation for your business is essential in today's world with the existence of ratings and reviews sites. You should never overlook the importance of a positive reputation online, as these are some of the first things people will see when they use a search engine to learn more about your business.

Tactic: Promptly respond to reviews of your business

Look for reviews about your business on a regular basis, visiting sites like Twitter and Yelp! Whether it's positive or negative, promptly respond to the review in a professional manner and thank the reviewer for their feedback. For negative reviews, don't try to shift the blame or make excuses.


If you're interested in launching your business with a Twitter marketing strategy, consider SocialCentiv. Our intent-based marketing software makes it easy for business owners to find the customers they want and share special offers with them via Twitter. Sign up for a free trial of SocialCentiv today.

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.