4 Essential Metrics for Measuring Your SocialCentiv Campaign


4 ESSENTIAL METRICS FOR MEASURING YOUR SOCIALCENTIV CAMPAIGN-2 When creating a Twitter marketing campaign, metrics matter. The metrics you choose to measure will depend on the goals of your campaign. For example, if you’re trying to grow your presence on Twitter, example metrics could include engagements and new followers. If you’re trying to convert leads using the help of a landing page, example metrics could include page views and form submissions.

When creating your next campaign using SocialCentiv, consider the following metrics to monitor your campaign's performance.

Link Clicks

link clicks

What it is: The number of clicks on a link within a Tweet reply.

Why it’s important: It’s important to track the number of link clicks within your Tweet replies so you know if you’re crafting appealing calls-to-action (the text of your Tweet reply and any images you may attach).

Click-Through Rate

Click Through Rate-SocialCentiv

What it is: The number of potential customers who click on a link divided by impressions (the number of times users saw a Tweet on Twitter).

Why it’s important: The click-through rate can give you a glimpse of how successful your replies are in terms of encouraging users to convert.


What it is: The number of times a potential customer completed a campaign goal. This may include filling out the form on the special offer’s landing page or some other goal determined when using our Conversion Tracking Pixel.

Why it’s important: This metric is perhaps the single most important metric for your entire campaign. This number tells you how many people actually took action and reached the final destination.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate-SocialCentiv

What it is: The amount of conversions (new customers) divided by the number of sent Tweet replies.

Why it’s important: This will let you know the success rate of your replies per keyword. (Note: This statistic automatically tracks conversions for campaigns built with our custom campaign builder. For campaigns that are set up to share another website URL, embed our Conversion Tracking Pixel to send conversion metrics to your campaign’s Report view.

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