New! Suggested Replies in SocialCentiv


New SocialCentiv Feature Suggested RepliesWe’re excited to share yet another deployment thanks to SocialCentiv's development and UX teams that has made our software even more innovative than before!

Introducing: Suggested Replies

Starting late Thursday night, you will now be greeted with a pop-up explaining our new feature when you first log-in on our software.

new feature suggested replies in SocialCentiv
From there, you can now pick from five categories in the tweet reply section when you're stuck on a reply and not sure what to say: invite, agree, celebrate, support, and sympathize. Each of these categories offers about 30 suggested responses to start the your response.

When you hover over one of the categories, a pop-up will feature a sample response in that category, giving you an idea of what kinds of responses you will encounter when clicking.

Hover Over for Suggested Responses on SocialCentiv
If you don’t like the suggested reply you’ve received, you can simply click the category again--as well as the “See Next Suggestion” link in the righthand corner--to see the next one.

Many Suggested Responses in SocialCentiv Twitter Marketing Tool
Please Note

These suggested replies help you to garner better replies within the SocialCentiv software, but these responses will still require some work on your behalf, including adding the Twitter user's name to personalize each tweet, and including information about the offer. Because of this, you’ll notice that each suggested response is kept short and sweet, but focuses on starting the conversation.

Why Suggested Replies?

Ernest Hemingway, when asked what was the most frightening thing he ever encountered, answered: "A blank sheet of paper." Similarly, when our team sought to answer the question ‘why don’t people tweet?’, the second-most heard response was that those attempting to reply to tweets didn’t know what to say, with the third-most heard response being that they were afraid of saying something inappropriate.

Suggested replies helps to give ideas of how to begin your response in the five most-popular categories. Our team has also studied the answers in each category, picking ones that, across the board, will garner the best responses.

For example, perhaps it's a trending holiday and you'd like to send your offer out to those who are tweeting about it in your area? Use the 'Celebrate' category to tell them to get the party started with your special offer. 

Suggested Responses when replying to tweets on SocialCentiv
Or maybe you think something that a user said is spot-on. Show them that great minds think alike with the "agree" category.
example of suggested replies in SocialCentiv Twitter Marketing Software
No matter the context of a tweet, you're bound to find a correct response with our suggest responses feature.

What If I Don't Want Suggestions?

Our development and UX team has thought of it all! If you would rather not see the suggested response categories each time you go to reply to a tweet, you can simply click the “Hide Suggestions” button to the right, causing the suggestions to close and instead display a "Show Suggestions" button.

Hide Suggestions in SocialCentiv Twitter Social Listening Tool
This is a ‘sticky’ feature, meaning that the suggestions will then be hidden each time you go to respond to a tweet. Similarly, you can turn suggested replies back on, and it will remain on each time you go to respond to a tweet.

We're excited to see how each user enjoys this new feature! Be sure to log in and explore these new features (or try it FREE for 7 days!). Then, tweet us @SocialCentiv and let us know what you think. Be sure to also let us know if you have any comments, suggestions, or requests!

The SocialCentiv Team