Reinventing the Rules of the Sales Game


How much influence do you have online?

As small to medium businesses are searching for a better way to reach success, they are stepping away from traditional advertising tactics and learning how to use social media to drive sales.

Getting the Most Out of Social Media

Social media is more than just creating a Facebook page and posting the occasional status update. To get the most out of social media, small to medium sized businesses must understand the different platforms and how to know which one to employ for their upcoming campaign.

- Facebook- Facebook is a great platform to build long-lasting relationships with a community. Businesses can create a Facebook page to interact with users who “like” their page and provide scholarly information related to their brand.

- Twitter- Twitter is an information network that connects businesses to real-time conversations. SocialCentiv helps businesses listen to real-time conversations, where they can then respond to these conversations with special offers. SocialCentiv finds the most influential prospects on social media and initiates public conversations relevant to your business.

- LinkedIn- LinkedIn is a business network with high-profile agencies and businesses professionals in its user base. LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses to employ their content marketing tactics and generate leads.

Helping Small to Medium Businesses Reach Success

All the rules have changed thanks to the marketing technology team at HipLogiq. HipLogiq’s social media marketing software, SocialCentiv, allows small- to medium-sized businesses to identify potential customers on social media sites like Twitter, allowing them to reply to social media conversations with location-based offers.

In the game of social media marketing, SocialCentiv takes all. Here’s how you can use SocialCentiv to boost your business.

- Targeted Conversations- SocialCentiv finds the most influential prospects on social media and initiates public conversations relevant to your business.

- Industry-Specific Themes- Choose your design from a continuously growing library of ready-to-go, industry-specific landing page themes.

- Marketing Automation- SocialCentiv will automatically follow up with customers via email to encourage them to share that same offer with friends. When a friend takes advantage of the offer, the customer receives an instant reward.

- Straightforward Reports- Intuitive, real-time data displaying profiles and photos of consumers who received your business' offers.

Interested in giving your SMB a social boost? Sign up for a free SocialCentiv account now to begin turning conversations into customers!