Six Twitter Accounts Your Restaurant Should Be Following


Guest post by Adam Grosbard, SocialCentiv Intern

Six Twitter Accounts Your Restaurant Should Be Following

Twitter is a valuable tool to reach out to customers and fans, but if users aren’t using the social media platform to find new customers and leads, then they are likely underutilizing Twitter. Here are six Twitter accounts that every restaurant should be following.

1. @NRNonline: “NRN” stands for the Nation’s Restaurant News and they provide followers with the latest and greatest news about the restaurant industry. For instance, they have been letting their followers know how the latest government shutdown will impact their businesses.
2. @MonkeyDish: If followers are searching for new dishes to spice up their restaurant’s menu, then this is the account to follow. @MonkeyDish is run by the Restaurant Business Magazine and keeps delivering ideas for new drinks and foods that are sure to be a hit at any restaurant.
3. @beardfoundation: This Twitter page is dedicated to providing interesting information on American cuisine and culinary history. It gives followers a better appreciation for the history of food in this country and interesting factoids about the American cuisine.
4. @ChefArtSmith: Everyone should have a role model and when it comes to social media, restaurateurs can follow Chef Art Smith for instant inspiration. One of Oprah’s former personal chefs and star of “Top Chef Masters,” Smith has created a strong online personality and presence and therefor is a good inspiration for followers.
5. @zagat: Zagat is the premier restaurant reviewer in the country but they also have created a solid social media account that provides information on different trends across the country and even the world that keep you informed and give can give you ideas about how to update your own restaurant.
6. @NRAEF: The account of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation provides great tips about professional development, attracting new talent for a restaurant, or general insights on developing a dedicated work force.

Twitter is an excellent resource to use when searching for new customers for your restaurant. If you’re interested in using intent marketing to turn conversations into customers, sign up for a free account with SocialCentiv. SocialCentiv allows businesses to “listen” to real-time social media conversations and then respond with offers.