Small Business Marketers Mine 500 Million Tweets Per Day to Find New Customers



Smart Hustle Magazine recently revealed the secret approach many small businesses are taking to find potential customers on Twitter.

Small Business Marketers Mine 500M Tweets per day to find new customersBernard Perrine, CEO and co-Founder of Twitter marketing company SocialCentiv, recently gave an interview to Smart Hustle Magazine detailinghow small businesses can connect with potential customers on Twitter. While dishing out advice about Twitter marketing, the social media marketing expert answered one of the top questions asked by business marketers today. That is "how can small businesses realistically mine the 500 million Tweets posted to the top social network daily to find quality leads?" According to Perrine, "The answer boils down to one thing: keywords."

In the article, key considerations are outlined for small businesses seeking to increase their Twitter marketing success rates through opportunities presented by the use of proven effective keyword targeting techniques.

Targeting Customers on Twitter Using Keywords

With regards to utilizing keywords, Perrine says, "While the task of picking and re-assessing keywords can involve some legwork, the good news is that rewards, in the form of new business, can be immediate. And as the head of a small business myself, I find it hard not to love that."

In fact, Perrine names keyword targeting as one of the most viable solutions for taking advantage of the opportunities provided by Twitter as an advertising medium. Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that allows users to disseminate posts and garner followers. The small business marketing expert suggests, "By limiting users' posts to 140 characters, Twitter provided something no other advertising medium in history had been able to pull off: A real-time window into both what consumers wanted and when they were ready to buy it."

A number of small businesses fail to take advantage of the opportunity window due to the lack of knowledge about keyword targeting. According to Perrine, there is no identifiable one-stop shop online that assists small businesses with choosing optimal keywords for finding their clientele on social media platforms like Twitter. He notes; however, that with the use of Twitter marketing tools like SocialCentiv, the process of social listening can be performed, which helps take the grunt work out of researching and evaluating the right keywords to be used at precisely the right moment to target customers.

Social listening is defined by Perrine as "the act of "listening" to conversations on Twitter by tracking what hashtags are being used and what topics are being talked about so that you can find an opportunity to engage in conversation with potential customers." Perrine asserts that not only are social listening tools useful for helping businesses target Twitter users that fall under a desired demographic for targeting, tracking tools like TweetDeck, Geofeedia, and WeLink may also be beneficial.

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SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing tool that enables businesses to discover potential customers on Twitter through the use of intent based marketing. The tool scours through real time conversations on the social network to identify prospective leads and engage with users who have expressed an interest in making a particular type of purchase. A video detailing how the tool works to find customers on Twitter is available on the company's website.

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