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Social media marketing strategists identify tools to support businesses that need an upgraded Twitter marketing strategy.

Social Listening Tool Developer SocialCentiv Helps with Twitter MarketingTwitter has earned  a reputation far more glorious than being viewed as the trendy concept that many believed wouldn't make it past 2007. It has grown to become one of the most viable business 2 business marketing methods of all types. That's why so many entrepreneurs are continually searching for the most effective twitter marketing tools for reaching potential customers on the popular social network today. The problem is too many are experimenting with methods that leave them short on sales.

When it comes to marketing on twitter, there are three things that appear to be universally understood:

  1. Millions of active users are on Twitter (and active users = potential customers)
  2. Engaging in conversations is important for businesses
  3. Increasing Twitter followers is important for business

The value of one of the most important things to understand; however, is often overlooked. That is how important it is to listen to what potential customers are saying and present offers to them that can meet their specific needs.

It isn't that this concept is so out of the box that it is unheard of or difficult to understand. The problem with applying it lies in challenges businesses face when trying to incorporate it into their marketing strategies on a limited budget and time constraints. Small businesses and startups in particular have so many other tasks to focus on to ensure that operations run smoothly, combing through scores of tweets and keeping track of followers day-to-day is simply not doable without support.

This then begs the question for many: "Is my Twitter marketing strategy working?" In short, the answer is no if one has not has the time to focus on responding to prospective customer posts or present customized (not generic) messages to followers. The long answer involves taking a thorough assessment of the following:

  • What is the rate of engagement for the business?
  • How many posts are being converted to customers?
  • Has Twitter helped increase my website traffic?

For businesses that find that their Twitter marketing strategy does fall short, there are tools available that can actually help them get over the hurdles of implementing a more effective one.

How to Find Effective Twitter Marketing Tools

A list of effective Twitter marketing tools can be found by conducting an online search. Many business marketers also have recommendations of the top tools that have worked for their clients. SocialCentiv, which was listed in a feature by Social Media Today is one that has debuted on the market in the past three years. According to the article, the developers of the tool signed up 1,000 clients in the first month it became available.  

Forbes interviewed Adam Root, co-founder and CEO of the company last year. Root, who has "managed teams in interactive design and development for Fortune 500 companies, midsize agencies, and startups," stated in the piece about Twitter marketing "Twitter can actually be a more effective real-time tool for most businesses, and anyone can master it with a few simple tips." Click here to read more on Root's commentary.

Social media marketing has earned its keep in the marketing arena; therefore it isn't wise to ignore the wealth of opportunity that lies in efforts such as Twitter marketing. However, one has to figure out which techniques work best for their needs. The most effective Twitter marketing tools for businesses will depend on their particular goals and what the tool offers in terms of these. For those who have already implemented a strategy to increase Twitter engagement, take a moment to assess what is working about it and how well? The results just may be the jolt needed to find new ways to boost one's success.

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