Social Media and Miley Cyrus: 10 Surprising Things They Have in Common


Social Media and Miley Cyrus- 10 Surprising Things They Have in Common

Author: Amanda Woodard, a Summer 2014 intern at SocialCentiv

Have you wondered what Miley Cyrus and social media have in common? Yeah, we haven’t really either. However, the more we thought about it, we realized that Miley Cyrus and social media actually do have a lot in common. Let’s compare social media with ten of Miley’s most popular hits.

1. Someone Else

Twitter was originally supposed to be called Twttr, but they later changed it to something a little simpler. Likewise, Miley Cyrus’ real name is actually Destiny Hope Cyrus, but she had her name legally changed to resemble her childhood nickname, “Smiley.”

2. The Climb


Users between the ages of 55 and 64 years old are Twitter’s fastest growing demographic. Cyrus operates similarly: She was once the role model of young girls, but, since her performance at the VMAs, she has been also been generating a more mature audience.

3. I Learned from You

With the increased popularity of Facebook, MySpace began changing its format to match Facebook’s. The same thing happened with Facebook when Twitter started becoming more popular. Cyrus, after studying stars like Lady Gaga and Kesha, changed her image to compete with them.

4. Can’t Be Tamed


Have you ever been innocently browsing Facebook or Twitter, when you suddenly, mid-scroll, see something that you never wanted to see—that you cannot unsee? Cyrus’ performances, from her teens to her present, are basically exactly like that.

5. Love Money Party

Facebook and Twitter have used their influence it to make money. Cyrus has similarly used her popularity to increase her own income.

6. Adore You

Social media channels are constantly streaming trends. Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs was the most tweeted about event in Twitter’s short, but impactful history, making her the number one trend of all time on Twitter so far.

7. We Can’t Stop


23% of Facebook users login at least 5 times a day, making it one of the most “addicting” websites of all time. Similarly, Cyrus’ controversial performances have generated a large audience—we can’t stop looking her up.

8. Wrecking Ball

Instagram, one of the most recently developed social media channels, came in and knocked every other channel down a few notches with its insta-popularity. Although Cyrus was well known before the release of her music video “Wrecking Ball,” the risqué performance almost single-handedly changed the way people looked at her—and her competitors.

9. See You Again

With all these new apps for social media channels, it has never been easier to update your Facebook status or tweet to your followers. Cyrus’ talents are also incredibly diverse: She acts, sings, dances, and models.

10. Breakout


New social media channels are being created every day and are gaining a lot of popularity in a very short amount of time, probably, in part, because of their newness. Cyrus works in the same way: Every new thing she does is a strategic, trendable surprise.

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