Social Media Scheduling


Social Media Scheduling

At this point in the social media era, we can pretty confidently guess that you are probably already on social media or plan to utilize its power for your business in the future. Now, it’s time to strategize so that you can make the most out of your efforts.

This may be where you begin to feel overwhelmed, as it takes a lot of time and effort to regularly post meaningful and relevant content across all of your social media platforms. It is not always convenient to login and post as often as you’d like, which is why we recommend scheduling your social media posts ahead of time. Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry- here are some tips to make it simple.

Select a tool

The first step is actually choosing a tool that will let you schedule your posts ahead of time. Here at SocialCentiv, we use both HootSuite and Buffer for scheduling purposes, but there are many out there to choose one. It’s just a matter of researching the tools and getting a feel for which one you are most comfortable working with. Here are some additional scheduling tools you may want to look into using:

Assign certain subjects to certain days

Now that you know how you will schedule, it is important to know what you will schedule. This can prove to be tricky, because while you want to post content that is relevant and makes sense for your line of business, you also want to post fresh and new things that won’t get redundant. To combat this, many companies, including ourselves, will designate certain days for certain subject matters. For example, if you were a company that helped with social media marketing (sound familiar?), Mondays could be content/news centered around social media marketing, Tuesdays could be centered around client recognition, Wednesdays could be all about technology, and so on and so forth. The idea here is to choose broad subjects that you know that your target audience would be different and to keep these subjects broad enough so that you are able to mix it up.

Pick the right times

You might be thinking that now you know how to schedule ahead of time and what to schedule that everything is all settled and you just need to schedule your posts for random times. However, the TIME at which you choose to post your content can make a huge difference. There are actually specific times of day for each social media where users are more likely to see and interact with your posts. Depending on the size and industry of your business, these times can vary, and it’s best to do a little bit of testing yourself to learn and optimize what is actually the very best time for you and your business, but a study called “The Science of Social Timing,” conducted by KISSmetrics, suggests the following:


  • 5 pm is a good time to tweet for an optimal amount of retweets
  • You are most effective when you tweet between 1 and 4 times an hour
  • The best days to tweet tend to be Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays
  • To increase click-through rates, noon and 6 pm are the best times to tweet


  • The best day to share updates with your network is Saturday
  • The most effective time to post is noon
  • The best sharing frequency tends to be every other day

Like we mentioned earlier, you’ll want to play around these times to see what works best for you, but this should give you a start.

We hope this gave you the foundation you needed to begin scheduling your social media posts. Should you want any more help with your social media presence, feel free to give us a visit at or Tweet us @SocialCentiv.

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Allie Lewis.