Top 3 Social Networks for Business Owners



By Sierra Uselton, SocialCentiv Intern, Summer 2014 

An online presence in an increasingly technological and information based world has become invaluable. Instead of asking a neighbor, relative or some acquaintance at the next PTA meeting for a product or service recommendation, potential customers go to the web in search of answers. Businesses who have an active role in online social media communities find many benefits, especially with a large reach and online presence of a business on social media sites.

1. Facebook

With more than a billion users worldwide, Facebook is the premiere social networking site for businesses. Facebook is an easy to use online platform that lets users create personal or business related pages. Once a personalized page has been created, other Facebook users can follow or like your page, which then enables your posts and messages to appear in their news feed and reach their friends and anyone else following their feed. Overall, Facebook provides possible opportunities for “posts,” including job opportunities, promotions, discounts etc. to reach thousands of more individuals. Facebook also allows individuals and businesses to have a constant online presence. Even a basic business page with locations, hours of operations and a logo can drive traffic through the door.

2. Twitter

With more than 250 million users worldwide, Twitter is one social media platform that has steadily grown and broadened its reach around the globe. An easy-to-use micro-blogging platform, Twitter allows users to post messages, pictures or both to their Twitter feed in 140 characters or less. Twitter allows users to follow one another and every post made appears in the feed of anyone following you. Twitter is one social media platform that allows users to simplify their message as well as directly reach customers. Another factor behind successful exposure on Twitter is the use of hashtags. Generally used to organize information into related topics, hashtags often begin “trending” when a high volume of users tweet with the same tag. When posts with a trending tag are made they appear on the main Twitter feed which increases the chances of individuals seeing your post and following your feed.

3. LinkedIn

With almost 300 million users worldwide, LinkedIn provides users a professional online platform for displaying their personal or business related attributes. Initially a glorified resume hosting site, LinkedIn has morphed into the number one business-to-business networking site on the web. Companies and individual users can utilize a myriad of options like job listings, interest groups and job searches. Ultimately, LinkedIn provides the best opportunity on the web to create a professional resume or profile page for you or your business.

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