Stay Inspired: Keeping Your Content Fresh


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If you've been doing well in your social media marketing endeavors (meaning that you've been posting daily, at the right times), then you've probably realized that there isn't much else for you to say. Your status updates and blog posts are all starting to sound the same. When you think back on them, they all seem to run together, and you're worried that your followers are thinking the same thing. If you're feeling like this, it's time to freshen things up. Here's how to stay inspired:

Take a step back

Physically get away from your computer for a second and just take a deep breath. Give yourself a real break and let your mind clear. You may be having a hard time coming up with new ideas because you're still so attached to the old ones. Take a nap; get a massage; watch some Netflix. Recharge before you reload.

Follow the trends

What's that? So-and-so just dumped what's-her-name, but you didn't hear about it? That's a big no-no. Pop culture drama is gold in terms of fresh content because it gives you something new to talk about. Find a way to incorporate what's trending into your posts on social media to make it easier for new users them. Talk about trends in your blogs to increase your search engine optimization (SEO).

Scope out the competition

You should regularly be checking up on your competitors to see what they're doing on their blogs and social media. Review their follower-interaction to determine what they're doing right. Use their ideas as a source of inspiration: Take what they're doing and give it an interesting, unique twist.

Read the news

These days, reading the news is even easier and faster than watching it because of the way journalists use Twitter to announce current events. Create a Follower list just for journalists and review it regularly. Posting about something that—BREAKING NEWS!—just happened is a fantastic way to keep you content fresh.

Write your ideas down

Have you ever been out grocery shopping when, magically, an idea for a blog pops into your head? You don't write it down because, well, you're obviously busy, and you're sure you'll remember it later. Wrong! Whether you carry around a notebook, scribble something on your hand, or make a quick memo in your phone, write down all your ideas. The next time you feel drained and uninspired, give this idea list a quick once-over.

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