Super Bowl 2014 Predictions



The big game is this weekend, and we’re pretty excited for it! After a long (and painful for some) season, we’re down to the Broncos and the Seahawks. Who do we think is going to win? Some of the HipLogiq team members weighed in.

Bailey, one of our Content Producers, said she’s rooting for the Broncos because they’re her cousin’s favorite team.

Chelsey, one of the Interactive Producers, thinks the Broncos are going to win because they’ve played better throughout the season and she thinks Manning will do anything possible to win.

Heath, Sales Engineer, has more football expertise than everyone at the office combined. He believes the Denver Broncos will win this year's Super  Bowl because their offense takes the cake when compared to the Seahawks’ defense. He’s even gone as far as saying the score will be 31-24. We’ll hold him to that!

Adam, Chief Technology Officer, told us that a "football team" would most likely win this year's Super Bowl. When we asked him if he had a preference for who he hopes would win the game, he said “The Miami Heat,” and because of that, we hope he’s not a sore loser.

Personally, I’d like to see the Broncos win. Although I am a fan of the Saints from way back when, I’m an even bigger fan of the Manning brothers thanks to their father’s efforts he put toward the team.

Who would you like to see win the big game? From the looks of it, we’re pretty pro-Broncos around our office. Let us know what team you’re pulling for on our Facebook page or Tweet us!