The Best Twitter Tools You Should Be Using


The Best Twitter Tools You Should Be Using - SocialCentivIn a busy, digital world where there seems to be a new app introduced each week, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the social media platforms out there. Twitter should not be forgotten as an important, integrative platform for reaching and engaging with consumers. Don’t have the time, or don’t know how to sift through all of the Twitter bulk? There are plenty of Twitter tools for business out there that can make scheduling tweets, engaging with relevant conversations, and analyzing your following easy and simple.

Here are a few of our top picks when it comes to the best Twitter tools that you should be implementing for your brand if you’re not already doing so.


So much to tweet and so little time? Buffer is the Twitter tool for you. If you’re looking to amp up your content on Twitter, Buffer’s scheduling feature allows you to schedule out tweets to the exact moment you want them tweeted from your account. Not sure what to tweet? Once you’re out of content, buffer can give you suggestions on what to schedule next!


Ever wonder if someone is talking about your business or service? Mention can help you solve that curiosity. Stay head and up-to-date with any mention of your business or company on Twitter, from published articles to business-name mentions, mention alerts you whenever someone is talking about you.


SocialCentiv exampleIf your main goal is to find potential consumers on Twitter, then SocialCentiv is the perfect social media management tool for you. How so? Think of it this way: your customers are on Twitter. SocialCentiv makes reaching out to them easy, saving you time and helping you promote, educate, and gain new business. SocialCentiv is a marketing tool that helps you find consumers ready to buy on Twitter by sifting through the noise on Twitter and finding conversations relevant to your product and/or service. Easily respond with a special offer and start growing your business. The best part? You can try it FREE for 7 days!


If you’ve been attempting to engage and grow on Twitter, chances are that you’ve come across some tweet-up live chats. These Twitter chats are categorized by their corresponding hashtag. For instance, if SocialCentiv were to run a live chat on Twitter to answer your social listening questions, we may choose to use the hashtag #scchat to follow all of the questions and answers. If you’re looking for relevant chats to follow along and participate in, ChatSalad can help you with the guess work. Search in real-time for Twitter Chats going on about any topic.


ritetag-redesign-optimizedHow many hashtags is too many? Which hashtag will provide the best visibility and engagement for your brand? RiteTag answers these as well as many other questions with their easy-to-use tool. Their goal? To help you win the battle for attention on Twitter.


Sometimes asking a simple question in a tweet gets little to no feedback. Instead, create a survey or poll on Twitter with the help of twtpoll. Check out how these users utilize the tool for their question and survey purposes.

These six Twitter tools will help you enhance and engage on an always-growing social media platform. Did we miss any of your favorites? Tweet us at @socialcentiv and let us know!