The Importance of Geo-Local Marketing for SMBs


The Importance of Geo-Local Marketing for SMBs

Small to medium sized businesses can take advantage of geo-local marketing strategies to gain new customers. Rather than competing with larger specialty businesses on a global scale, small businesses can provide their products and/or services to nearby customers with the power of social media.

Social media is more than someone simply sharing a picture of #LatteArt with their followers. Social media allows businesses to share updates about their brand, build their online community, educate social media scholars, and much more.

Defining the best type of social media marketing strategy

Rather than taking a cue from how large brands are using social media to connect with their existing fan base, small businesses need to form a different strategy. The way in which large brands use social media for marketing is different than how small businesses can leverage the platform.

Because large brands have an established, sizable fan base, they tend to focus the majority of their social media marketing efforts on engaging with their followers. Small businesses typically don’t have a large audience yet, so it’s important for them to tailor their social media marketing efforts on initiating conversations with potential customers and provide valuable, “shareable” information.

Geo-local marketing proves successful for small businesses

Small businesses are dominating the social media marketing landscape in many ways.

- Small businesses are creating meaningful relationships with customers via social media. This is comparable to the way small business owners would form meaningful relationships with loyal customers before social networks were created.

- Small businesses can focus their marketing efforts on the networks that prove to be most effective for their industry. Smaller businesses can concentrate on fine-tuning their messages on a selection of networks, rather than trying to manage multiple accounts across all platforms.

- Small businesses can create campaigns and share with potential customers via social networks. With a Twitter marketing software like SocialCentiv, businesses can initiate meaningful conversations with prospects, share their special offer, and incentivize these prospects to share it with their friends.


This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.