Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About Social Media



Source: USF Connect

Use your competition to your advantage by learning from their strategies and using them to benefit your business. Social media is the most innovative way to market your brand and product, so it’s important to keep up with the competition. Here are some things the competition can teach you about social media:

Customer service

Many companies use social media to address complaints or questions customers may have. It’s a simple way to keep customers happy with your business. Take a look at how competitors are handling customer service on their social media sites and implement some of their ideas into your company’s sites.

Generating leads

Find new leads for your business by joining social media sites like your competitors. How is the competition doing it? How are they using social media to find quality customers? Two great products to try for generating leads for your business are SocialCompass and SocialCentiv.

How to gain members and following

Study the competition’s social media sites with the most likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter to see what they’ve done to gain such a large audience. By mirroring their strategies, you can also gain more traffic on your social media sites.

Gathering information on customers

Check out how competing companies are gathering information on their customers to better their product and adapt them to customers’ needs and wants. Are they posting forums? Asking questions? Are they taking polls or surveys? Do some research on how the competition is finding out more about their target audiences.

How to stand out

The most important thing on social media for your business is to stand out from the competition. You want your company and brand to be distinguishable among the rest and you want people to be able to recognize your company. To have effective branding you need to have distinctive features on your social media sites. Pay attention to how other businesses are breaking from their competition and model your efforts after their strategies.

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