Three Social Media Tricks You Haven't Heard Before



Source: Frog Dog

Social media reaches consumers in real time and opens up opportunities for your business to interact with these consumers and gain their business. There are always tricks of the trade in any business venture—especially in social media. Using these three social media tips, you can strengthen your business’s social media presence, gain new members, and increase your engagement with customers:

  1. Custom-formatted Tweets

Unique fonts, line breaks, emojis, and symbols are ways to customize your Tweets that will capture people’s attention and engage them in what your company has to say. Instead of having your tweets be lost in the stream of the twitter log, make your tweets eye catching by spicing them up with a little formatting. Stand out from the competition by making your content stand out.

  1. Add links to your posts

Add links to your posts, statuses, Tweets, and any content you post to create more invigorating and engaging content for your customers. Crosslink other social media sites your company is on to gain more following on those sites. Adding visuals and graphics to your posts will attract customers to your sites and will have them looking forward to your next post. When customers are scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, they will be more likely to notice your posts and read them if they contain visuals or links.

  1. Use SocialCentiv

SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing tool that can help small business owners reach their target audience, reply to them with an incentive and reward them for sharing the offer with their friends. SocialCentiv makes it easy to interact and engage with your customers in real time, while also creating a personal relationship with them that can’t be established with traditional marketing.

SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing tool that helps small business owners find potential customers in real time. Visit our website at to learn more about how SocialCentiv works and be sure to sign up for a free trial.