Three Things You Must Know About Social Listening


Three Things You Must Know About Social Listening

Social listening is the process of monitoring multiple digital media channels to create a strategic plan that will meet the needs of (potential) customers. Companies of all kinds can use the information they gain from social listening to better understand their potential customers and refine their Twitter marketing strategy.

Here are three things you must know about social listening:

1. Social listening can help you manage your online reputation. By using social listening as the most prized weapon in your marketing arsenal, you can appropriately manage what others are saying about your business online. Businesses can find success with social listening by actively monitoring and responding to all questions and comments.

2. Social listening can help in finding new customers. Companies should always know what people are saying about them across their social media channels and review sites. Listening leads to engagement, and engagement leads to better service, improved products and new customers.

3. Social listening is easy on Twitter. As a public forum, Twitter is designed for easy listening. There are many software packages out there to help track conversations using key words and phrases, but with SocialCentiv, small business owners can do more than simply listen. SocialCentiv listens for relevant conversations in real time, and then helps small business owners reply to these conversations with an offer, collect contact information, and then automate a sharing process to exponentially increase exposure.

Social listening

Businesses should take the information they receive from social listening to the next level rather than just compiling a bunch of meaningless data. Social listening can provide insights and opportunities like:

• Real time engagement
• Reputation management
• Industry trends
• Competitor monitoring
• Discover prospects
• Customer intelligence

To learn more about how social listening can help your small business, contact SocialCentiv. Our intent-based marketing tool harnesses the power of social media to help small businesses find new customers in real time. Get a free trial of SocialCentiv to begin turning conversations into customers today.

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.