Top Twitter Keywords and Hashtags for the Restaurant Industry

top-twitter-keywords-and-hashtags-for-the-restaurant-industryFinding new customers for your restaurant with Twitter begins with creating a strategy. A well thought out strategy is essential for restaurants preparing to launch an online marketing campaign, where competition and profitability are at stake.

It’s important to have a strategy for finding new leads so you can increase your restaurant’s profitability, gain more of the customer base, enhance customer satisfaction, and stay true to your marketing objectives.





Select the Best Keywords
Consider the following keywords, phrases, and hashtags when searching the Twittersphere:

  • Hungry for lunch
  • Hungry for dinner
  • Where to eat?
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Want menu item (Example: “want chicken strips”)
  • Need menu item (Example: “need chicken strips”)
  • #DinnerinCity (Example: #DinnerinDallas)
  • #TypeofCuisine (Example: #Seafood)
  • #Vegan, #Vegetarian, #GlutenFree, and other #SpecialDiets
  • Restaurant name (Example: “Dunkin’ Donuts”)


Fine-Tune Your Search Query
Keep in mind the following search operators to fine-tune your search query:

  • Use quotation marks (“want a hamburger”) to find tweets with an exact phrase.
  • Use “fries OR salad” to find tweets containing either “fries” or “salad” (and sometimes, both!)
  • Use the smiling and frowning emoticons to filter tweets with a positive or negative attitude
  • Use the question mark in your search to find tweets that include a question
  • Use an exact phrase (“happy hour”) and a location (near:”Dallas, TX”) to find tweets sent near a particular location


If there are too many results when you search with popular terms like “hungry”, use the minus sign to filter out any tweets with words you aren’t interested in. For example, search for “hungry for a steak” to filter out tweets that don’t include the particular phrase.

It’s All About Location, Location, Location
Find better prospects for your business by filtering results to include a particular area surrounding your business. For example, if your restaurant is located in downtown Dallas, include the formula “near:”Dallas, TX” within:15mi” in your search with a few related keywords.

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This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.