Twittequette: Mistakes to Avoid on Twitter



So, you’re Tweeting daily, at the right times, and you’re using keywords. You’re gaining followers pretty regularly … you just can’t seem to keep them. There is an unspoken code, a Twittequette (Twitter etiquette), that many businesses aren’t familiar with, making it nearly impossible for them to maintain their followers. Here are a few social no-no’s to avoid in order to keep your follower-count consistent:

Tweeting Like a Used Car Salesman

 Your followers get it. You started this Twitter account specifically to promote your services. However, if you’re only Tweeting about your services and shoving promotions down your followers’ throats, their eyes—having been sufficiently familiarized with your posts—will just skim over them. Or worse: They will just unfollow you altogether. Remember to show your followers that your business is fun.

 Auto Direct Messages

Bonding with your Followers is vital to boosting sales. This connection only occurs when you remind your followers that a real-life human being mans your Twitter account. If your account automatically replies to new followers with empty Thank-Yous and links to your website, then you are killing any chance of your follower becoming a customer, since many Twitter users will unfollow brands who auto-reply.

Ignoring Mentions or Messages

For the love of your business, respond to followers who directly Mention or DM you! There are some exceptions, naturally: You should not respond to Tweets that include profanity or spam (such as strange links without introductions), or if your business just gets so popular on Twitter that you couldn’t possibly respond to all of your fans (but, let’s be real here, this probably won’t happen for a while.) Other than these few allowances, however, you should be responding to as many people as you can. Your responses will show your followers that you are readily available to answer questions and help them. When your Twitter presence is reliable, it shows your followers that your business is reliable, too.

#Abusing #Your #Hashtag #Privileges

Hashtags can be a great tool with which to grow your business; they can help your Tweets get read by people who are following the latest trends. However, cramming too many hashtags into your Tweets can make it hard to decipher your message. Limit yourself to three hashtags (or less) per Tweet.

Not Tweeting Engaging Content

 It’s best to use variety in your posts to maintain your followers’ interest. Share pictures, informative articles, and entertaining blogs. Don’t be afraid to use some appropriate humor! These kinds of Tweets will not only help you maintain followers, but it will also encourage them to Retweet you and earn you more followers in the future.

Not Linking to Your Blog and Website

Your posts should include links to your website and blog. The more people who are directed to your website, the more people who will be likely to purchase your service. And, as was mentioned earlier in the previous section, the majority of your followers are following you get some kind of insight to your products. Let the links to your blog and website be the salesperson you’re not allowed to be on Twitter.

By avoiding these mistakes, you are much more likely to keep your Twitter followers and to see success from your Twitter marketing efforts. Need more help with your strategy on Twitter? We are always here to help. Visit us at  or Tweet us: @SocialCentiv. We look forward to helping you grow!