Using Olivia Pope's Skills to Boost Your Presence Online--Without the Scandal


Using Olivia Pope's Skills to Boost Your Centiv


While Scandal doesn't focus on Olivia's prowess in the realm of social media, it does provide fantastic examples of how one should present themselves in the public eye. After many late stakeouts—uh, research—we have discovered Olivia's plan for success and how you can use her skills to boost your presence online.

[Insert camera sound effect.]

Make a plan

Using Olivia Popes Skills 1


When she's given a new case, Olivia likes to use a lot of visuals in her planning process. She posts pictures of her client on a giant, back-lit wall, and then she and her team of misfits exchange some quick-witted banter until someone has an Ah-ha! moment. Whatever your style, you should always make a plan for social media marketing. Followers are typically loyal to businesses, monetarily speaking. So, it's kind of important.

Make it look good

If you've seen even one episode of Scandal, you know Olivia is always lookin' fresh. Despite the conditions of her personal life, you'd never know it based on her fashion-sense or business-savvy. Likewise, your efforts on the social sites are about presentation. Have someone review your posts to eliminate errors. Create your own brand-specific Twitter theme on Themeleon. Do something different to get noticed.

Return with a witty quip

Using Olivia Popes Skills 2


Someone could say something completely off the wall, and Olivia always has something smart to say. On social media, your followers are going to comment on your posts. Unless they are being inappropriate, you should always grace them with a response and that response should be interesting enough to keep them engaged. Study the trends, the news, the latest pop culture gossip and use this knowledge to win at conversing just like Olivia.

Don't be afraid to care

Olivia acts tough but underneath that facade of self-certainty, she cares deeply for her clients. She sometimes even risks her life to achieve their goals. Life-threatening situations aside, the best way to earn customer loyalty is to be there for them on social media. Post daily. If a customer comes to you with a complaint, handle it. Make the situation right. Let everyone see that you mean what you say.

Shut it down

olivia pope shut it down


Things don't always work out the way Olivia plans. Actually, she has to hurdle quite a few obstacles in order to reign victorious over the rest of the episode. The thing that makes Olivia so good at her job is her ability to adapt. This same concept applies to your marketing labors. With all those many, many followers (we hope), you can't say for certain that you know what they want. Consider the statistics; remodel the plan; be even awesome-er.

At the end of the day, Olivia always wins, and if you follow her lead, you can be a winner, too, on social media. If you would like to learn more about how to improve your Twitter marketing skills, visit our website at