What is Intent-Based Marketing?



SocialCentiv helps small to medium-sized businesses use social media by mining through audience intentions and responding with special offers to consumers who have expressed a desire for a certain product or service. This is utilizing a form of intent-based marketing. With the rise of social media, intent-based marketing is a successful way to get through to potential customers and address their wants and needs. Here is a little bit more about the basics of intent-based marketing.

Understanding Intent-Based Marketing

Intent-based marketing is any campaign for a product/service that aims at consumers who have shown purchase intent for that particular product or service through their behaviors, either explicitly or implicitly conveyed. In simpler terms, it’s marketing a product/service to a consumer who has somehow already expressed an interest in that product or service, whether through tweets, searches, or any tangible way.

How Intent-Based Marketing Works

To produce best results, three attributes should be present. Optimally, intent-based marketing should be consumer driven (that is, it should be based on whatever intent the consumer is expressing), it’s specific- in that the ad or offer presented should match the consumer’s expressed intent, and it’s immediate (the ad or offer should happen shortly after the expressed intent).

When all three of these attributes are combined, the true power of intent-based marketing is displayed. It is what every marketer dreams of- being there for the consumer with the right product, in the right place, and at the right time.

Why Intent-Based Marketing Works

Better targeting by context – With other forms of targeting, there is always approximation involved, and marketers are doing some measure of guessing about who their audience is. However, with intent-based marketing, we tap into where a customer says something, when they say it, and what they are saying, giving us the ability to target our audience with more specific context. This brings the opportunity for direct communication with the potential customer, providing for a call to action that not only fits the potential customer’s needs, but gives them the opportunity to respond to and benefit from this call almost immediately.

Higher engagement and more loyal customers By being able to specifically target users based on their own unique data and intent through social networks, higher engagement is guaranteed. Obviously, if a marketer is able to offer a consumer a special on a product or service that said consumer has already expressed an interest in, the chance of success is significantly higher. In addition, because of the ability to deliver more personalized content to a consumer who desires it, consumers should become more loyal. It will make them feel as if that particular brand understands them and their needs, compelling them to take action with that brand.

If you would like to learn more on how to use intent-based marketing for your small to medium-sized business, our Social Media Marketing Software, SocialCentiv, can help. Sign up for your free account at www.SocialCentiv.com to begin finding new customers through intent-based marketing today!

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.