What We Love: Our Favorite Social Media Sites



It’s the time of year where we profess our love for the people and things we adore most in this world. For those of us at HipLogiq, that means acknowledging our deep-seated love for social media. We all play the field, but we’ve each got our personal favorite platforms.

Clara’s heart belongs to Instagram, because she enjoys the fact that everyone can show his or her artistic side through pictures. She can double-tap all day long!

Chelsey, on the other hand, finds her heart fluttering when she opens up her Vine app. She enjoys the comedy aspect of the six-second-film platform. Her favorite viners? Ben & Harley and Joshdarnit.

Bailey admits that she’s an old school, classic girl when it comes to her social media, because she “likes” Facebook the most. She likes that she can keep up with her friends and family, check out pictures and videos, and that it basically encompasses what’s important to her.

Lindsey also admits that her love also goes to Facebook, for similar reasons: it allows her to stay in touch and be a part of her friends and family circles that are based in other states and countries.

Kristina keeps it short and sweet with Pinterest. Her favorite aspect of it is that it makes wedding planning easy!

Wes fancies the app, Fancy, where you can buy neat things directly through the app.

Heath’s number one choice is IRL. He says it’s simply easier to communicate with people that way.

What platform has captured your heart? We’d love to hear where your love lies. Let us know which is your favorite using the buttons below: