What's New with SocialCentiv?


what's new-! copySocialCentiv is always moving fast to adapt and change to better fit the needs of our clients. Not only do we have a sleek new logo, but we are also presenting new features that will make communication between our SocialCentiv team and our clients even stronger than before. Welcome to the SocialCentiv, Angel 1.0!

What is Angel 1.0?

Angel allows SocialCentiv application users to easily communicate with one of the SocialCentiv Support Agents via Live Chat. This new way to communicate will make solving issues easier and more efficient for both our team and our clients. It’s fast, easy, and convenient for anyone using our product.

Why do we use it?

Angel 1.0 will help identify any bottlenecks experienced by users during the signup process, campaign creation, and campaign duration. Understanding any issues experienced by the users will help us resolve conflicts for users at the time that they experiencing them.

How do we use it?

Support agents are available via Live Chat to answer any and all questions and to understand the concerns of SocialCentiv application users during our standard business hours. When it is past our normal business hours and we are offline, your requests for help will be forwarded to our master support agent, Adrianna Lacarra.

How can you use it?

When you are using the SocialCentiv tool and come across any questions or concerns, you can easily get these questions answered by contacting our support team through the Angel 1.0 chat system within the software.

Who you will be in contact with from our team:

Our support team agents include account managers Adrianna Lacarra, Cristina Maggi and Cristina Maggi.

SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing software that helps small business owners find quality potential customers in real time. Visit our website at http://socialcentiv.com to learn more about how SocialCentiv works and be sure to sign up for a free trial.