What's New with SocialCentiv?


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SocialCentiv is a tool that tracks keywords, related specifically to your company's speciality, found on Twitter in order to find customers in your area who are already interested in purchasing your services. Our website makes contacting and engaging with potential customers easier and more personal than passing out fliers and traveling door-to-door. Now, the web-developers at SocialCentiv have revealed the latest update which will help you navigate the site more intuitively and find new customers even more easily.

Single-Column Tweet Reply Page

Whereas before, we displayed your prospects' tweets in boxes, singling each tweet out into multiples columns, we are now displaying the tweeting in a single feed, in order for you to quickly and easily respond to more Tweets. With this new feature, you can also sort your tweets by Newest, Oldest or Relevant (the tweets that relate to your services the most- this is determined by the Tweets that you have responded to in the past). You can also delete several unrelated or old tweets at once with the “DELETE TWEETS AND LOAD MORE” button at the bottom of the screen, saving you even more time. Using our new updated software is as simple as using Twitter itself, but with the added features of singling out prospective clients using keywords.

More Guidance

In order to avoid any confusion for the user, we have added error messages to alert the user if they have missed any steps while setting up, for instance, if they have forgotten to add a location to search for Tweets in a specific area, SocialCentiv will remind them to add a location and will not let them proceed until we do so. This will keep users on the right track and make sure that they are optimizing the tool to its full potential.


While we try to include SocialCentiv's newest features and changes here on our blog, we sometimes update the software faster than we can write about it. With WisePops, you'll be conveniently updated about our latest updates before or as you login. This feature will also alert you to any website “construction” we may be doing at the time of your login, always keeping you in the know.

We are so excited for you to use SocialCentiv with more convenience than ever before. If you have any questions about our tool, visit our website at www.SocialCentiv.com.