What’s the Difference Between Paid, Owned and Earned Social Media?


What’s the Difference Between Paid, Owned and Earned Social Media?

Social media is slowly getting easier to understand, or maybe it’s just becoming more common, but regardless there are still aspects that need to be explained. A topic that often confuses social media users is the concept of paid, owned and earned media. We thought we would lay it out for you to better understand:

Paid Media

This publicity is positive and is gained through paid advertising. Examples of this are print, television, radio, magazines, cinema, outdoor, banners, direct mail, paid search, and in-store media. This impacts strangers directly.

Owned Media

This is positive publicity that is gained through promotional efforts other than advertising. Examples of this are brochures, retail stores, company websites, microsites, community, Facebook fan page, mobile apps, etc. This allows for an engagement and interaction between customers and business owner.

Earned Media

These are promotion channels that you control, such as your website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Some other examples of this are word of mouth, Digg, YouTube, Flickr, blogs and forums. This allows the fans to interact directly with the brand on their own.

Understanding the different options for social media marketing and how each allows your business to interact with its consumers is important. For more information about social media marketing and how to successfully market your small business through social media, contact SocialCentiv and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing software that allows businesses to follow real-time social media conversations.

This post was written by SocialCentiv Contributor Kristina Kopplin.