Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Social Listening


Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs Social Listening - SocialCentivSocial listening is a term that’s growing popularity for those who are using social media for marketing purposes. Whether you’re a social marketing firm  or a business using social media for marketing, there are several reasons why every company can benefit from applying social listening behaviors and tools to their marketing strategy.

Being Proactive

By implementing social listening tools to find those talking about your business and/or services, you’re able to stay in front of what is being said about your company and respond to both positive and negative feedback. Social listening eliminates the surprises that can occur when angry consumers take to social media to vent their concerns.

SocialCentiv allows for businesses to put in their business name and Twitter handle as keywords to bring in relevant tweets of those talking about that business as it occurs.

Getting Ahead of Competition

It’s fairly safe to say that your competition is already using social listening tools to understand their audience’s behaviors and to better develop their social media branding tactics. Because of this, to not be implementing social listening in your social marketing tactics is to already put yourself behind the competition. But why stop there?

A specific social marketing campaign can help you gather resources necessary for social listening while also pushing special offers to potential consumers. Through SocialCentiv, you’re able to create a custom landing page and follow-up email to host this offer, and can then attach the landing page link to every tweet sent within the software.

Understanding Your Audience

Using social media for marketing is largely about engaging with those who are interested in your brand, but it can also help you better understand your audience as a whole, what their behavior patterns entail on social media, and what they are talking about. Social listening allows marketing firms to better understand what’s trending and why a certain group of users are talking about something specific.

Responding in Real-Time

Last, but certainly not least when understanding the necessity of incorporating listening tools in your social marketing tactics is to realize that responding in real-time is one of the best benefits of this practice. Much like being proactive and hearing what your audience has to say about you, you can also hear what your audience is wanting or needing at that moment, and deliver options for their needs. For example, if you’re a coffee shop using SocialCentiv to listen socially on Twitter, you can listen for those talking about wanting coffee and needing their java fix, then respond to them in real-time with a special offer for your shop.

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