Why Your Small Business Needs to be on Social Media


Why Your (1) If you’re a small business owner not on social media, what are you waiting for? Social media is an essential tool that can help you market your product in less time and with more efficiency than traditional marketing tools. Not sold yet? Here are some of our top reasons why your small business needs to be active on social media:

Your customers are already there

Twitter is no longer just for Millennials. People of all demographics are now using the social networking service to connect. In fact, according to Twitter itself, at the end of 2013, there were 232 million monthly active users! Being able to connect with them in real-time in an area they enjoy is essential to marketing your product. You can review what current customers are saying about your business, as well as find new customers.

It’s cost efficient

Creating a social media account is free. In addition, tools, subscription tactics, and promotions that complement your social media marketing efforts are generally more cost efficient than traditional marketing methods. It’s easy to promote your product quickly and reach large amounts people. So, why not seize the opportunity?

You can track results

When you search around on the Internet, you’ll find that are numerous analytic tools as well as marketing tools with built-in reporting that can help you measure your social media success. For instance, SocialCentiv can find customers ready to buy, respond to them with an incentive, and help grow your business! Reviewing your performance is essential to improving your social media strategy.

Social media promotes growth

Social media helps inform people about your small business Finding new customers for your small business is easy with the right social media marketing strategy.

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