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  1. By Kristina Hegmann

    So much to do and not enough time. With a never-ending list of things to do, how is one supposed to master Twitter marketing, let alone be active on Twitter? Here are some basic tips to help you master Twitter marketing when you’re short on […] Read More ›

  2. By Kristina Hegmann

    We’re very excited to announce the latest feature for the SocialCentiv application: Multiple Campaigns. Multiple campaigns allow a business the opportunity to share various promotions, discounts, and other special offers. How to add a new campaign Log into your SocialCentiv account. Click the “Campaigns” tab in […] Read More ›

  3. By Sarah Beacom

    Social listening–that along with content marketing and social conversions–is a buzz term trending in the digital marketing industry as of late. If you have been actively evaluating your brand’s marketing strategy, it’s likely that you’ve heard that you should be implementing social listening as part […] Read More ›

  4. By Sarah Beacom

    Understanding a key Twitter marketing turnoff that causes potential customers to ignore businesses that try to engage with them everyday.via Yahoo! FinanceAs more and more businesses take on the world of social media, more are getting comfortable with utilizing platforms like Twitter to reach potential […] Read More ›

  5. By Sarah Beacom

    Whether you’re a business or an individual using twitter for social media agency purposes, you’re likely using the social platform for one of three things: to drive traffic, to drive brand awareness, or to drive sales. When it comes to individuals using twitter for their […] Read More ›

  6. By Macy English

    How to tell whether social media marketing messages provide a voice of reason to your business prospects.via The Business JournalsSocial media marketing experts everywhere agree that in order for business prospects on social media to convert to customers, they have to connect with one’s voice. […] Read More ›

  7. By Macy English

    Outlining four of the most commonly made mistakes in social media marketing and how to avoid the backlash of each.via Virtual-Strategy MagazineMost marketers agree that marketing on social media is something that businesses should without hesitation actively engage in to increase their profits. However, as […] Read More ›

  8. By Sarah Beacom

    In a busy, digital world where there seems to be a new app introduced each week, it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the social media platforms out there. Twitter should not be forgotten as an important, integrative platform for reaching and engaging […] Read More ›

  9. By Macy English

    via Street InsiderSocial media marketing strategists identify tools to support businesses that need an upgraded Twitter marketing strategy.Twitter has earned  a reputation far more glorious than being viewed as the trendy concept that many believed wouldn’t make it past 2007. It has grown to become […] Read More ›

  10. By Sarah Beacom

    It’s exciting to see firsthand how social media can help a business gain awareness and expand their business. But it can be frustrating to know where to start. When it comes to Twitter, it is possible to use this social media platform as a marketing […] Read More ›

  11. By Macy English

    Five effective techniques for using the top social media platform to increase small business success.via Yahoo! FinanceIn a 2014 year end review, Maria Contreras-Sweet, an Administrator with the Small Business Administration highlighted several interesting statistics about small businesses in the U.S. on the SBA’s blog. One […] Read More ›

  12. By Sarah Beacom

    We’re excited to share yet another deployment thanks to SocialCentiv’s development and UX teams that has made our software even more innovative than before! Introducing: Suggested RepliesStarting late Thursday night, you will now be greeted with a pop-up explaining our new feature when you first log-in on […] Read More ›

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