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  1. By Macy English

    About SocialCentiv Every day, 600M conversations are taking place on Twitter. Most business owners need help making sense of it all. The challenge is, how do you listen to all those conversations, and find the ones that are relevant to you? That’s what we’ve done at […] Read More ›

  2. By SC Contributor

    Trying to master Twitter marketing while running a business is hard. Trying to figure out what to say to potential customers is another game in itself. Stay relevant Remember the rules of social engagement: Listen, think, and say something relevant. Mention people when you respond […] Read More ›

  3. By SC Contributor

    We’re excited to announce Gnip, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of social data, is now providing SocialCentiv with social data. (Side note: You can learn more about Gnip by watching the video at the end of this post!) As a Gnip customer, SocialCentiv will […] Read More ›

  4. By SC Contributor

    When it comes to engaging with potential customers via social listening, it’s useful to know how influential someone is on social media. SocialCentiv now features the Influencer Score for Twitter users in the Tweet Stream. The Influencer Score provides a standardized, if imperfect, metric for […] Read More ›

  5. By admin

    Jason Dove, SVP of Sales and Marketing at SocialCentiv, was a recent guest on the TechnologyAdvice Expert Interview Series. The series, which is hosted by TechnologyAdvice’s Josh Bland, explores a variety of business and technology landscapes through conversations with industry leaders. In this episode we […] Read More ›

  6. By SC Contributor

    When creating a Twitter marketing campaign, metrics matter. The metrics you choose to measure will depend on the goals of your campaign. For example, if you’re trying to grow your presence on Twitter, example metrics could include engagements and new followers. If you’re trying to […] Read More ›

  7. By SC Contributor

    If you’re using SocialCentiv to share a link to another website, you can now track conversions using our new Conversion Tracker pixel. This pixel allows SocialCentiv to track and provide useful insights as to what happens after someone clicks on your campaign link that’s included […] Read More ›

  8. By SC Contributor

    How often do you come across a Tweet or status update from someone declaring how hungry they are or how they want to go shopping? When a consumer expresses their intent to purchase something related to a business’ offerings, businesses and marketers alike can use intent-based marketing to reply […] Read More ›

  9. By SC Contributor

    We are excited to announce the new and improved Suggested Replies feature of the SocialCentiv application. When we first started thinking about the Suggested Replies feature, we decided to keep the previous release fairly simple to see if it would generate any buzz. And boy […] Read More ›

  10. By SC Contributor

    So much to do and not enough time. With a never-ending list of things to do, how is one supposed to master Twitter marketing, let alone be active on Twitter? Here are some basic tips to help you master Twitter marketing when you’re short on […] Read More ›

  11. By SC Contributor

    We’re very excited to announce the latest feature for the SocialCentiv application: Multiple Campaigns. Multiple campaigns allow a business the opportunity to share various promotions, discounts, and other special offers. How to add a new campaign Log into your SocialCentiv account. Click the “Campaigns” tab in […] Read More ›

  12. By SC Contributor

    Social listening–that along with content marketing and social conversions–is a buzz term trending in the digital marketing industry as of late. If you have been actively evaluating your brand’s marketing strategy, it’s likely that you’ve heard that you should be implementing social listening as part […] Read More ›

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