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  1. By Nicki Lee

    Businesses consider a lot of different tools and tactics to amplify their marketing, but graphic design isn’t often thought of as a marketing tactic. However, having great, unique visuals can help set your brand apart from the competition. Use these four tips to better your […] Read More ›

  2. By Sarah Beacom

    We’ve been talking lately about the importance of having a good number of Twitter followers before engaging with potential consumers, and great ways to increase that following number, but we also need to address something you should refrain from in your quest to grow your […] Read More ›

  3. By Sarah Beacom

    Marketing on Twitter starts with the basic fundamentals: having a Twitter account, understanding hashtags and @mentions, and learning/knowing your brand’s voice. However, one of the important things users will look at when determining whether or not to engage with your brand is how many Twitter […] Read More ›

  4. By Sarah Beacom

    You may notice something different the next time you search for a business, celebrity, or event on your phone. As of May 19th, Twitter and Google have paired up to bring tweets to Google Search on mobile devices.Try searching what’s trending on mobile–whether that be […] Read More ›

  5. By Sarah Beacom

    In the business advertising world, the heart of marketing for a business comes down to one’s content strategy and how they are entwining said content into their consumer marketing tactics. Whether the end goal is to increase sales, promote public brand awareness, or showcase new […] Read More ›

  6. By Sarah Beacom

    Here at SocialCentiv, we always seek to help you grow your business on Twitter. We understand that social media marketing is an always-changing industry, which means that our software and team will have to remain innovative in order to keep up with the changes. Today, […] Read More ›

  7. By Sarah Beacom

    You might have read our recent post on tips for Twitter marketing, but let’s level it up on why marketing on Twitter even matters. We gave you 12 tips on how to use Twitter for marketing, but one question remains: why should you use Twitter […] Read More ›

  8. By Sarah Beacom

    The idea of starting a new Twitter account–especially when using it for business–can be a daunting one. The first thing most will focus on is reaching out to others blindly about their business in order to try and gain awareness, but the fact remains that the […] Read More ›

  9. By Sarah Beacom

    Whether you’re a startup looking to create a Twitter account from scratch or a small business/agency seeking to grow your online presence, it can be a struggle to figure out where to start on the widely-popular social platform. Twitter is a great tool for businesses […] Read More ›

  10. By Sarah Beacom

    There’s no question about the effectiveness that social media has on marketing for businesses. However, there’s an art to engaging with the right consumers on Twitter without coming across too much like a dry, pushy advertisement with each interaction. Try out these five ways to […] Read More ›

  11. By Sarah Beacom

    It’s a necessity for any business to market their product or services to an audience, but the number of ways in which a business can accomplish marketing and advertising is continuously growing. This and the fact that the accessibility of digital media is higher due to […] Read More ›

  12. By Sarah Beacom

    Although it may be limited to 140 characters per tweet, Twitter is a gold mine when it comes to real-time, one-on-one intent marketing and social listening opportunities; you just have to know how to use it correctly.We reached out to a few of our dedicated […] Read More ›

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